Teaser of Super Junior’s ‘Opera’ video released by Avex


Avex Network released a music video teaser of Super Junior’s Japanese version of ‘Opera’ on April 11th, 2012. The men of Super Junior are seen wearing masquerade masks and dancing in dark formal-like outfits. The music video seems to take place in a ballroom with chandeliers above them and golden surroundings to give the audience a majestic feel. Donghae seems to be featured a lot throughout this teaser.

Fans are commenting with “Wow, I love it!”, “They’re all so handsome”, and “The voice at the end scared me!”

Check out the music video teaser below!




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  1. Can’t wait :D

    … I kinda miss their mvs which had some kinda story or something like that like in ‘No Other’ and ‘It’s you’ … nowadays it’s all just fancy rooms & stuff *sighs*…

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