Tasty Fights for the Girl in “MAMAMA” MV

Tasty - MAMAMA


Dancing prodigies Tasty wowed fans with their catchy debut song “You Know Me” late last year.  Now, the Daeryong and Soryong are back and ready to dominate with their newest single, “MAMAMA“.

The twins go head-to-head as they try to woo over the same woman in this swing and hip-hop hybrid track.  Sibling rivalry aside, Tasty showcased their powerful dance moves and perfect synchronization, let alone their flawless vocals.  They self proclaim themselves as  “Asia’1 No.1 Performances Duo“, and they definitely live up to it!

The music video also featured the writers of “MAMAMA“, Infinite H‘s Dongwoo and Hoya!  As fellow Woolim label mates, Dongwoo and Hoya have worked diligently alongside the twins to create the hit track.

Check it out below!

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