T.O.P’s “Turn it Up” Plagiarized by ALABAMA?

Oversea netizens have displayed their own detective work by discovering a plagiarized video of T.O.P‘s “Turn It Up“.

A rapper using the alias ALABAMA uploaded a video titled “El Patron” on November 27th. In the video, the rapper speaks in Spanish, however the description is in French.The video was in obscurity for many months but earlier today some oversea netizens found the video and heard how similar it sounded to T.O.P’s “Turn It Up“.

Many are accusing ALABAMA of plagiarism. Some comment saying “This is TOP’s music and you just took it!” , “You don’t simply copy T.O.P!” Some comments show how angry VIPs are and how Kpop is growing in the world. However many fans are saying “he speaks Spanish and description is in french so it might just be a cover” and “calm down we don’t know if it is legit yet!” So could it be plagiarism or could it be just a cover? Comment below to tell us what you think!

Check out both videos below!

“El Patron” by ALABAMA


“Turn It Up” by T.O.P

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  1. definitely a plagiarized!! and awfully at that too! augh! even the “lala la la” part directlt taken from it

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