Super Junior’s Siwon knows the head designer of Chanel


Super Junior’s Siwon has revealed a photo in which he shows off a special personal connection.

On April 16, the star tweeted a picture with the comment “In Paris, with Karl Lagerfeld.”

In the picture, Siwon is posing with the head designer and photographer of the world-renowned brand Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld.

The star is resting one hand on the designer’s shoulder while making a V sign with the other one. Lagerfeld is wearing sunglasses and staring at the camera with an apathetic look.

Netizens who saw the picture commented: “That’s a crazy personal connection he has. Siwon is the best.” “How do these two people know each together?” “Look at Siwon’s sharp nose.” “The designer looks nervous.”

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