T-ara’s New Member Dani – Official Pictures

On May 30, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, released profile pictures of Dani. A picture of her was previously released online but this is the first time her official profile pictures have been released, which she took for her debut as a singer.


Dani is going to be the 9th member of T-ara- which was previously a 7 member band. In the pictures, Dani is showing off her innocent and cute charms. Even though she has a cute face, she is pretty tall.


A spokesperson for the agency says, “Dani just turned 14 this year, she was born in Los Angeles and has lived in the U.S. since she was 4 years old. Even though she is 14 years old, she is 167 cm tall and she is so beautiful that she earned nickname ‘Asian Olivia Hussey.’ She is cute like a girl but she also has powerful charismatic charms.”

“The 8th member of T-ara will join the group for their new album, which will be released on July 7. Dani, the 9th member of the group, will join the group later in December. Her first appearance will be in a music video for T-ara’s new song.”

What do you think about T-ara’s new addition??


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  1. Who’s the 8th member? Please somebody who can answer it just email me…^.^ (pauline_bautista14@yahoo.com) Thanks and put some pictures of the 8th member.. Dani is the 9th member..I LOVE T-ARA..<3 I am not Pau-pau I just used her e-meil….

    1. Hey!! The Company is staying very quiet about who the 8th member is…none of the pictures have come out..I think they are waiting to wow everyone with her debut.. :) As soon as any info is out we will make sure to let you know!! :)

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