T-ara’s Hyomin reveals additional “Cry Cry” concepts on Twitter

T-ara’s Hyomin released additional photos of her “Cry Cry” concept teasers through Twitter. This follows her companies official release of the official teasers. On Twitter she wrote, “Here are my cuts for ‘Cry Cry.’ There’s just a few days left.”

The recently released photos from Hyomin’s Twitter see her sporting her new shoulder-length hairstyle. She is also wearing a leather cropped-jacket that reveals her “11-character” abs and sexy leather pants.

The photos are finished with a dreamy black and white effect to enhance the dreamlike effect of the photos and the concept.

Currently, T-ara is preparing for their comeback with their album “Black Eyes” and their title song “Cry Cry” and “Lovey Dovey.” Jacket images for “Cry Cry” has already been revealed. All T-ara’s members are seen with their new short haircut as well. Unlike their “Roly Poly” concept, T-ara has unleashed their powerful charisma for “Cry Cry.”


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