T-ara Subunit Release 2nd and 3rd Teaser

Tara N4

Last week T-ara N4 revealed their first video teaser for “Country Side Life”, their debut track.

Two separate video teasers were released on April 25 for “Country Side Life”. Core Contents Media released the videos through their official YouTube channel. More of the upcoming track is revealed through the second teaser.

The third teaser is more of a dramatic edition teaser for “Country Side Life” featuring Davichi’s Kang Minkyung and singer Kim Wansun, actors Kim Soomi and Jung Woontaek, as well as baseball player Yang Junhyuk and politician Heo Kyungyeong.

T-ara N4’s debut track will have a hip hop element to it but sticking to an electronic pop theme. T-ara’s subunit is made up of Eunjung, Hyomin, Areum and Jiyeon. The official release will be on May 29.


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