T-ara N4 Flies to LA to See Chris Brown in Concert

T-ara N4 Chris Brown
T-ara N4 are heading to L.A to meet with American RnB singer Chris Brown.

T-ara’s Dani had known Chris Brown since elementary school and recently he invited her to see his concert in San Jose, California.

Chris Brown’s “Wild 949 Wild Jam” concert was at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. After the concert Dani met up with Chris Brown where she told him that she is a member of a group called T-ara.

There has been an increased amount of attention surrounding K-pop because of PSY. Dani also introduced him to T-ara N4’s new ‘Countryside Diary’.

Chris Brown also showed an interest in Korean traditional musical instruments and said that he would be open to doing a collaboration with T-ara. Dani was also invited to his music video shoot on May 11 and invited T-ara to see it.

T-ara N4 will be heading to LA again to see Chris Brown where it is thought they will be talking about possible collaboration work.


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