Suzy’s summer body

Suzy’s from Miss A is very popular in Korea, especially among uncle fans, due to her innocence charm and baby face.

Recently, she was chosen to endorse Carribean Bay Water Park along with her Label-mates, 2pm. Carribean Bay Water Park’s CF is known to feature the hottest idols of Korea and its CF makes the viewers drool with envy, not to mention the obivious effect of wanting to go the water park! 2pm members have been endorsing the Carribean Bay Water Park for a few years with different female idols. This year, Suzy’s rising popularity must be caught attention by the management of the Carribean Bay Water Park!

In the photo, captured by the fan during her photoshoot, Suzy look grown-up and sexy in bright pink cropped tank top and white hot pants! What do you think of this new image of Suzy’s?
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