Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has closed his Twitter-account due to recent experience with saesang-fans!

The King of social-website updates, Super Junior’s very own Kim Heechul, has just closed his Twitter-account @Heedictator. This is due to a recent experience he had with some saesang-fans. Before he shut down his account, he left a last message to explain his thoughts on this whole thing. He also took this as an opportunity to show concern for the International fans who come to Korea without knowing much about the country, and how easily they can get tricked.


Today, June 9th (KST), Heechul wrote;

“Please do not follow me to my house or to my ward office. I thought that I became a bit more good-hearted now that I’m 30, but I guess that’s just not for me. I still feel the after effects of my accident, and it’s frightening to put my life on the line and drive away as if I’m running from something. I know this sounds arrogant, and I know people may be disappointed, but I only have one life to live. It’s my fault for being unable to be more understanding. And to all you [taxi drivers], please don’t rip off foreign fans who don’t know any better. Taking advantage of young kids with smiles on your faces make you guys look like thugs. In closing, I just hope that victims like this will not arise again. I will live quietly for the next year, without tweeting anything. I will see everyone in a year. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.”

This has spread concern among fans and upset a lot, since another communication passageway has now been closed – at least for the coming year. What is your opinion on his last tweet? Leave a comment below!


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