Super Junior-M, BTOB, EXO-M Showcase live in Malaysia.

Super Junior-M, BTOB, EXO-M had invaded Malaysia during this beautiful Tuesday. These groups were honorably invited by Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia. Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia would like to thanks you all for supporting 2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia. All of use including the artist are being very thankful and happy when they heard a total of 8000 attendees shown up during this awesome event.

A small recap form the concert. This event was held in Kenanga Wholesale City Mall. Thousands of people was queuing up even before the showcase starts. This had shown how much enthusiasm of Malaysian fans. The gate is opened during 8 pm and the showcase ground were flooded in just in a blink of an eye. Without any delaying, the first artist who performed is BTOB. Their powerful dancing and singing performance brought up the heat and the crowd. A total of 7 songs were performed by them. Next is EXO-M who shown on the stage. Screaming and cheering were heard even before they showed their faces for the very first time in Malaysia. EXO-M continues the heat with their amazing performance and the deafening dancing moves. After both artists stunning performances, it’s time for the long awaited Super Junior-M to bring their excitement for the fans. Very shortly, SJ-M stole the spotlight from previous performances by singing Super Girl. SJ-M hold the breathe and the attention of the fans by giving out powerful, non-stopping performances.

Time flies, it’s 10.15 pm , happy moments indeed passed quickly, time for the artist to take their leave from the stage. Applause and the smile of every each faces of the fans had made the artist a beautiful memories. Once again, thank you  Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia  to held this meaningful event for the fans. Everyone is having a great time that day. Let us await for the next invasion by the artists.

Below here are the songs that performed during that day. Take a look. The photos will be uploaded very quickly on our website and Facebook page, . Stay tuned and remember subscribe and like our page. Thank you all for the attention.

Song 1: Born to Beat
Song 2: Irresistible Lips
Song 3: Imagine
Song 4: One Thing I Know
Song 5: My Girl
Song 6: Insane
Song 7: Wow
Song 1: History
Song 2: What is Love
Song 3: Angel 你的世界 (Angel Your World)
Song 4: Mama
Super Junior-M
Song 1: Super Girl
Song 2: 至少还有你 (At Least I Still Have You)
Song 3: 爱不单行 (Love Doesn’t Come Alone)
Song 4: 迷 (Lost)
Song 5: 命运线 (Destiny)
Song 6: 太完美 (Too Perfect)


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