Secret Car Accident Witness Describes Scene

A witness from the accident involving Secret has spoken up during a TV interview about what he saw at the scene.

The witness did an interview on SBS “Midnight TV Entertainment”.

The witness said, “After they passed the bridge they were going on the right lane when the car slipped and spinned in a U” The black box of the car caught the moment of the car accident”

The witness added, “The car really flew It was like watching an action movie the car flew in the air and then fell It was really bad Sunhwa came out and mourned in pain and her face did not look good So I couldn’t recognize her face Then Zinger came out through the back window.”

Jun Hyosung, Han Sunhwa and Song Jieun escaped with minor injuries and were treated on scene. Zinger has been told to stay in hospital for four weeks to recover.

Secret’s agency confirmed that all promotional activity will be on hold for the moment until all the members are back to full health.


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