Super Junior‘s Han Geng Chinese actress Jiang Kai Tong

Rumor is going around that Super Junior‘s Han Geng (Hankyung) is dating a Chinese actress Jiang Kai Tong.

A post on Weibo, February 12, showed a picture taken showing Han Geng leaving for the Maldives with Jiang Kai Tong and her parents.

The photo was posted with the comment, “This is a photo that shows Hankyung leaving the airport to head off to Maldives.”

There had previously been comments from another netizen on February 4 claiming that she saw Super Junior’s Han Geng at a movie theatre in Mudanjiang. Earlier on February 1, Jiang Kai Tong had commented that she was in Mudanjiang.

Jiang Kai Tong’s agency said, “We too learned about the relationship on the internet. We do not know about the personal lives of celebrities. Thus, we can’t offer any answers… Jiang Kai Tong is currently on a break. If she really is dating, then we will respect her and leave the decision up to her.”

There has been no confirmation from either agencies to confirm whether or not there is truth in the rumour.

Source: TV Report Naver Newswave Newsen


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