Miss A Reveal Fei Teaser For ‘Touch’ Comeback

Say As! The teasers are nearly coming to an end! The third, and second to last, teaser for Miss A’s Fei was earlier released as the days until Miss A’s comeback on the 20th of February, for their fourth project, ‘Touch’.


Fei’s teaser is just as beautiful and mysterious as Suzy’s and Jia’s, but reveals more of the intriguing male character; in Suzy’s teaser, only a tux was shown, in Jia’s teaser, only his hand was shown. In Fei’s teaser however, the entirety of the male is shown but only for a split second, still leaving plenty of space for netizens to speculate who the male role is. Some have come to the believe that it is 2PM’s Chansung, Miss A’s labelmate, whilst some believe it is another one of Miss A’s fellow labelmates, 2AM’s Jokwon. Whether or not these speculations are correct, it is undeniable that the teasers are sparking much interest and piquing many curiosities.


As well as the teasers, Park Jin Young, or JYP, himself has been revealing more about the story behind the teasers through his twitter, following Fei’s teaser revealing:

You can watch Fei’s teaser below:

The only teaser left is Min’s! Who’s excited for Miss A’s comeback? What do you think about their comeback concept? Let us know your thoughts below!


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