South Korean Ferry Tragedy

[ad#GA-img-468-stacy] Many are devastated as a South Korean ferry headed toward Jeju Island slowly sank off the nation’s southern coast on Wednesday, with 475 people aboard, including hundreds of students and staff from Danwon High School.

According to survivors, passengers were told to stay in their rooms, and later to don life jackets and jump in the freezing water. The South Korean navy, army, Air Force, and coast guard are continuing rescue efforts, and military divers are searching for survivors who might be trapped inside the ferry.

In all, 28 people have been confirmed dead in this disaster, and 268 still remain missing. Among the 268 people missing, 247 students and 11 teachers are from Danwon High School.

Many South Korean celebrities have expressed their concern for the sinking through various social media networks, some canceling promotional events and broadcasts due to the tragic event.

Our condolences go out to all those who are affected by this tragedy, and we pray that all rescue efforts will result successful.


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