Songs from Infinite Challenge takes over the K-pop chart

Infinite Challenge
All songs from Infinite Challenge’s ‘2013 Music Festival’ ranked top of K-pop chart.

In the afternoon of November 2nd, MBC broadcasted last episode of ‘2013 Music Festival’. The episode was about the actual festival from 17th of last month, and stages for each songs including group song was revealed. Right after the end of TV show, Infinite Challenge released MP3 files of all the songs on music sharing websites and as soon as they were released, they took over the chart and still keeping its position until now.

There was some change in ranking as the time goes, but eight songs from Infinite Challenge are still listed as top 10.

Infinite Challenge has been hosting a music festival for every two years since 2007. Each time, seven members of Infinite Challenge were paired up with talented musicians and worked together from the bottom. This year’s festival had over 50,000 audiences and was joined by Yoo Hee-yeol, G-Dragon, BoA, Kim C, Jang Ki-ha & Faces, Primary, and Rose Motel.

This year, total of eight songs were created for the festival and all the profits earned by sound sources will be donated.

2013’s Music Festival Songs:

  • Jung Jun-ha & Kim C – Will Be Gone (Feat. Lee Sora and Beenzino)
  • Jung Hyung-don & G.Dragon – Going to Try
  • Yoo Jae-Seok & Yoo Hee-yeol – Please don’t go my girl (Feat. Kim Jo-han)
  • Park Myung-soo & Primary – I Got C
  • No Hong-chul & Rose Motel – Please call me Oppa
  • Haha & Jang Ki-ha and Faces – Super Weeds Man
  • Gil & BoA – G.A.B
  • Group Song – Yes, We are together (also known as Here we are)

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