Song Jae Rim: “Even to me the scene where CL gets slapped was too much”

Song Jae Rim speaks candidly about the music video he did with CL.

Song Jae Rim, who acted as guard escort, Kim Jae Woon to Lee Hwon (played by Kim Soo Hyun) in MBC’s recently ended Wednesday-Thursday drama, The Moon That Embraces The Sun is seeing his popularity soar lately. His rising popularity is casting a spotlight on his past activities. Among these, the one that has been garnering the most interest is the image he portrayed in a music video with 2NE1′s CL.


In 2010, Song Jae Rim starred as a bad guy in 2NE1′s Go Away music video. In the music video, Song Jae Rim portrayed the bad-guy role he had to play, to near-perfection when he angrily slapped CL in a scene.
Song Jae Rim recently met up with Newsen to speak further about a previous comment he made on the scene, “Bad guy… To be honest, at that time, even I felt that (scene) was too much”.

“That was the direction I received at that time,” Song Jae Rim said. “It’s my job. I didn’t really hit her. Because of the angle, it appeared like I did.”

He continues, “At that time, I thought this. The more of a jerk I act here, the more sympathy CL will receive. This was what I hoped to achieve and that was my intent. The worse I behave, the more pitiful the character CL was portraying in the music video will appear,” he explained.

Note: Parts that are not about CL have been omitted.
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