Son Seung Yeon Winner From ‘Voice Korea’ Will Release Debut Album

Son Seung Yeon winner from Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘ announced that she will be releasing her debut album this month.

Son Seung Yeon received praise while she was on the show, coming away with the title of grand winner. Her debut album will be titled, ‘The Wings of an Ugly Duck‘.

The album contains six track including “Heart, Heart“. ‘My Last Audition‘ judge and hit composer Park Geun Tae had a hand in the production of the album.

Park Geun Tae had only praise for Son Seung Yeon, “It’s hard to believe that she’s only 20 years old with the emotional control she has over herself. There’s a lot of hidden potential in her that makes her an artist people should look forward to.”

Universal Music, who is producing the album, said, “To step away from the obvious paths that audition turned artists usually take, we tried to include a variety of genres like pop, jazz, R&B, and electronic rock so that music lovers all around the world can find something they like. Fans can also look forward to Son Seung Yeon’s rap.”

Son Seung Yeon is scheduled to release the album on October 23.


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