SNSD Yuri’s latest CF causes some controversy.

[ad#GA-468-tx-Lee] Girls Generation Yuri has recently been endorsing make-up brand Mamonde, but her latest CF for the brand has received a little controversy online.

The story of the CF is that Yuri is trying to find the easiest method to save money for a luxury hand bag. In the commercial, she thinks of several ways of obtaining the money to buy the bag such as finding another job, not going out with friends, and continually monitoring your own bank account.


However, near the end of the ad Yuri is giving up on all these ideas and says “This is so frustrating. When will I ever get my hands on one?

All of a sudden the problem is solved, date a boyfriend who will then buy you the luxury hand-bag. Yuri is then seen being handed a brand new bag by her ‘boyfriend’ who is down on one knee.

After receiving her brand new bag, a caption comes up “One simple solution”  The CF then goes on to introduce their skin care product. ‘One simple solution’ to resolving all your skincare troubles.

Some people online were uncomfortable with the message of this advert, as it suggests its okay for women to date men just to receive luxury gifts.

A few netizens said “As a female myself, this makes me feel highly uncomfortable,” and How can they suggest that you can have handbags as long as you date men?”

What do you think?


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