Girls Generation sub unit ‘TaeTiSeo’ may change members?

[ad#GA-468-img-Lee] Girls Generation’s first sub group TaeTiSeo or TTS made up from members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun is apparently open to member changes in the future.

SM Entertainment has been quoted as saying:

[quote] “The members of Girls’ Generation’s unit group are not permanently set. Depending on their song and album concept in the future, the members can definitely change. It will be another fun factor to see how the members change in the future.”[/quote] [ad#GA-468-tx-Lee] They also said:

[quote]“That’s why we named the unit group using the first letter of each member’s name. Since the members can keep changing, we had to pick a name that’s easy to remember and not so confusing to the fans,”[/quote]

Who would you like to see in a SNSD sub group?

Also, TaeTiSeo’s first mini album ‘Twinkle’ will be released on April 29th.


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