SNSD Release ‘I Got A Boy’ Highlight Medley

SNSD I Got A Boy group Teaser

After releasing numerous teasers for their highly anticipated comeback, SNSD have released a highlight medley for their 4th album, ‘I Got A Boy’! Thus far, the group have released teasers for each member, and now fans can have a sneak peak as to what the album will sound like. Listen below:


The album will consist of 10 tracks:

1. I Got A Boy

2. Dancing Queen

3. Baby, Maybe

4. 말해봐 (Say The Words)

5. Promise

6. Express 999

7. 유리아이

8. Look at Me

9. XYZ

10. 낭만길 (Romantic Road)

As shown by the highlight medley, the album is set to be a mixture of different sounds, some tracks sounding happy and upbeat, some fierce, and some being emotional ballads.

The album is set to drop tomorrow; the very first day of 2013!

Are you looking forward to the release?




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