SMTOWN Family Wants Everyone to Do the “Chok Chok” Dance

SMTOWN - Chok Chok Dance

Move over “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman”, there’s a new dance craze sweeping Korea.

In SMTOWN’s latest Youtube video, SHINee, Girls Geneartion, EXO, Super Juniorf(x), BoA, Red Velvet, and more appear to have caught the “Chok Chok” dance bug!  The video is filmed using compilation of shots of the SM artists as well as backup dancers, fans, and the general public hopping in place with their fingers on their heads to replicate bunny ears.

The “Chok Chok” dance was popularized by Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae who incorporated the cute dance move into their choreography for their song, “Can You Feel It?“.  Fans speculate that the lyrics “chokki chokki“, which translates to “I got a feeling, feeling”, is closely similar to the Korean word for rabbit (“tokki“) and thus sparked the choreography.

Do you think this will be the next dance craze to take over Korea? Check it out, below.

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