SM confirms BoA’s 2012 comeback


Singer BoA is anticipating a second heyday in 2012 through activities that are more complete than ever before.

BoA is currently appearing as a judge on SBS’s popular variety program K-Pop Star. BoA, who is appearing on K-Pop Star representing her label SM Entertainment, is presenting a charisma which in no way pales in comparison to YG’s Yang Hyunsuk and JYP’s Park Jinyoung and is receiving the support of viewers.

Recently K-Pop Star’s PD Park Seonghun met with enews and gave praise that “BoA is carrying out her role in between Yang Hyunsuk-shi and Park Jinyoung-shi so well to the point that I wonder what we would have done without her.” She draws out the emotions of the contestants with trademark feminine softness but when she is scary she overwhelms those present with critical remarks.

Many fans have been taking notice of the activities of BoA, whose promotions as a singer have been infrequent for a long stretch, with the phrase “the rediscovery of BoA.” This is because the musical advice she gives to the contestants, which is full of affection and depth, presents heartfelt emotion.

BoA, who is once again receiving the love of the general public through K-Pop Star in particular, is preparing for promotions this year through a movie and an album, and so genuine multifaceted activities are being anticipated. The Hollywood movie COBU 3D, for which BoA was selected as the main character, is scheduled for a national release this year and even the release of a new album is planned.

During a phone call with enews on the 2nd a representative of BoA’s label SM stated “It appears that BoA will have frequent opportunities to meet with fans this year” and “It is planned that an album will be released along with her movie as well.

In addition he said “Currently we are in the midst of planning what recordings to carry out in relation to the album” and “This will become a year in which she will carry out activities that are more complete than ever” and asked for much love.


source: nate

translation: live laugh love @ soompi



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