Shinhwa’s Junjin and SPICA’s Joohyun Just Attention Seeking it is Claimed

Only two months ago, Shinhwa’s Junjin and SPICA’s Joohyun were revealed to be a couple. Their relationship was made public quite willingly.

Today, the relationship has come to end, as is being reported. However the news of the breakup has now gained some backlash from netizens. The claim is that the relationship was very short and that SPICA is making their comeback this month.

Speculation is that the whole relationship was just to gain publicity for the two of them. After the announcement of their relationship, the number of searches for Junjin and Joohyun’s names rose to the top of the rankings.

Shinhwa, meanwhile are in the midst of solo activities and promotions. Shinhwa are rumoured to be holding a 15th anniversary concert.

Shin Hyesung will be releasing his solo album, “Winter Poetry,” in december.

Lee Minwoo will be doing a Christmas concert in December.


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    1. And Junjin is not promoting his solo career at the moment. To say he is attention seeking, and use other Shinhwa member’s comeback as proof just show what a poor researcher you are, and how quick you make a judgement without any valid proof…

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