SHINee’s Key Tells Fans His Grandmother Passed Away


SHINee’s Key shared some exceptionally sad news with his fans this weekend. Key’s grandmother passed away on his birthday.

The message that he sent out on this Instagram along with a picture, “To everyone who cares about me and my team, hello. This is Key, I don’t know how to say this, but.. I wasn’t able to participate during the Japanese promotions on the 24th due to personal problems. My grandmother passed away on the 23rd. She took care of me with love when I was growing up, so I am still in shock over the fact and can’t believe that she is gone.”

He continued his message with, “However, I felt that it was wrong to tell this news through a company announcement ahead of SMTOWN and the first concert of the tour, so I am just telling you this now. I know that my grandmother was watching me from heaven and will continue strongly through the rest of the tour. Please support me and I will see you with a smiling face! Thank you.”

Our deepest condolences goes out to Key and his family.

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