SHINee, pronounced shiny, is a five member male idol group who debuted under SM Entertainment on May 25th 2008. The band is often referred to as being a “contemporary group” meaning they influence current music, fashion, dance etc. trends and the band is well known for the fashion style, which has been dubbed the “SHINee Trend”. This has led to them endorsing various brands. The band has won 20 awards since their debut, the first big win being their first nomination for Best Male Rookie.

The band broke into the Japanese music market in June 2011 and has released 3 EPs and 1 full album so far. They also announced that they will make a Korean comeback in early 2012.



Real name: Lee Jin Ki

DOB: 14th December 1989

Position: Main Vocalist & Leader

Nicknames: Dubu (Tofu)

Well known for: His clumsiness aka Onew “Sangtae” (condition), his soft vocal style, musical acting


Kim Jong Hyun

DOB: 8th April 1990

Position: Lead Vocalist

Nicknames: Jjong, Dino, Bling Bling

Well known for: Powerful vocal style, song writing skills



Real Name: Kim Ki Bum

DOB: 23rd September 1991

Position: Vocalist, Dancer & Rapper

Nicknames: Umma, Almighty Key

Well known for: His unique voice, ability to dance to girl group dances, diva style


Choi Min Ho

DOB: 4th December 2011

Position: Main Rapper and Sub-Vocalist

Nicknames: Flaming Charisma

Well known for: Sportiness and competitiveness, MC-ing skills


Lee Tae Min

DOB: 18th July 1993

Position: Youngest Member, Main Dancer and Vocalist

Nicknames: Makdoongie

Well known for: his incredible dancing skills, cute actions, pretty and feminine appearance



SHINee’s fan club name is The SHINee World, which is then shortened to Shawol to form the fan’s names. Each individual member also has their own fan club. Onew’s fans are called MVPs, which is taken from one of the lines he sings in their debut song. Jong Hyun’s fans are called Blingers, which is formed from his stage name “Bling Bling Jong Hyun”. Key’s fans are called Lockets. Min Ho’s fans are called Flames, which was derived from Min Ho’s stage name “Flaming Charisma Min Ho”. Tae Min’s fans are called Taemints.


SHINee’s 1st solo concert took place in January 2011 in Tokyo before moving onto Korea. Their solo concert is called The SHINee World.

They also perform at SM Entertainment’s annual tour, SMTOWN and have also performed smaller concerts in Japan and also in London.

Releases & MVs

  • 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) (debut album) [22nd May 2008]

Title Track MV –누난 너무 예뻐(Replay)


  • The SHINee World [1st Sep 2008]

Title Track MV – Love Like Oxygen


  • A.Mi.Go (The SHINee World Repackage) [31st Oct 2008]

Title Track MV – A.Mi.Go


  • Romeo [25th May 2009]

Title Track MV – Juliette


  • 2009 Year Of Us [19th Oct 2009]

Title Track MV – Ring Ding Dong


  • Lucifer [19th July 2010]

Title Track MV – Lucifer


  • Hello (Lucifer Repackage) [1st Oct 2010]

Title Track MV – Hello

Japanese Releases

  • Replay -君は僕のeverything- [22nd June 2011]

Title Track MV – Replay -君は僕のeverything-

  • Juliette [29th Aug 2011]

Title Track MV – Juliette

  • Lucifer [12th Oct 2011]

Title Track MV – Lucifer

  • The First [7th Dec 2011]

The band has also recorded various OST tracks since their debut, with the most famous being Stand By Me for the Boys Before Flowers OST.


TV Shows

SHINee have taken part in many TV shows, some of which are listed below

  • SHINee’s Yunhanam
  • Flower Boy Generation
  • SHINee’s Hello Baby
  • Star King
  • Star Golden Bell
  • Oh! My School (100 points out of 100) [Mainly Min Ho]
  • Dream Team [mainly Min Ho]
  • Raising Idol (Key)
  • Idol Maknae Rebellion



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