SHINee will make you broke with five different album covers for ‘Sherlock’!

SHINee released its 4th mini-album Sherlock digitally on March 19th and just a few hours away from the release of the physical album, it appears that there is not one but five different covers for the boys’ mini-album. Ah, just a fitting way for Shawols to become even more broke.

Not only are there different member covers, but the back of each member cover has a different design. Judging from the drawings on the back covers, each back cover represents the members in their own respective covers.

Quite a nice surprise, but honestly, SM, what’s with the different album covers? I think this is karma for me saying that I was quite lucky that SHINee hadn’t released different member covers. Be careful for what you wish for, eh?


Source: Ningin


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