Seungri’s Song is Dedicated to His Ex?

On his official Facebook, Seungri updated this photo, and a caption explaining the meaning behind his new song, GG BE (지지베).
He begins by explaining that he’s noticed more female artists are coming out with strong songs, because of tracks such as CL’s “The Baddest Female” and Bumkey’s “Crazy Love”. Seungri goes on to say that these days, it’s not only the girls getting hurt and played by guys, but now the girls are doing this to their boyfriends.

He explains how a girl he used to go out with would lie to him and hurt him, and because of this their relationship turned cold. He then found out she was just waiting for him to break up with her. The feelings of hurt and anger from this relationship were put into this song. He says that it starts off with an angry tone with a piano, complete with Jennie Kim’s charismatic vocals featuring in the bridge.

He concludes his Facebook update with this statement, “Lastly, a message to that girl. You get back what you do to others. Listen to this song and get your head straight.”


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