SE7EN New Mini Album Teaser Featuring JYP Released!

A short teaser for SE7EN’s upcoming new mini album was earlier released, featuring JYP playing the piano, accompanying SE7EN’s magical voice.

Prior to this, JYP also released a mysterious clip, of him playing the piano as in SE7EN’s teaser. This garnered much attention as many speculated it was a sign of 2PM’s comeback, whilst some believed it was in promotion of the ‘Diamond Tears – Edge’ headphones JYP recently released with Monster, premium brand headphone company.


The track list for the mini album will be as follows:

1. Somebody Else

2. Angel

3. When I Can’t Sing

4. That Person

5. Understand

6. Make Good Love

Watch SE7EN’s mini album teaser below:


The teaser is for the track ‘When I Can’t Sing’, and SE7EN’s voice paired with JYP’s accompaniment gives it much emotion. SE7EN’s mini album is due for release on the 1st of February and another teaser will also be shown on today’s SBS Inkigayo!

What do you think of it? Who’s excited for his upcoming release?



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