Running Man Resume Charity Match

    Running Man visit Indonesia with Park Jisung and friends held Charity Match June 1st-2nd. The victory of this game goes to Indonesia team ‘All Stars” with 3-2. The Running man members showed their best effort in the field. The first Running Man member who joint the first around is Lee Kwangsoo who accepted with so many cheers from supporter. He gave show as football player. The first goal made by ‘All Stars” team from Indonesia. But Jisung and friend made goal not a long time. Lee Kwang sooo Jumped in to another player to show his happiness and supporter cheers again.
    Another Running Man member, Ji Suk Jin entered to change with Park Ji Sung as a captain. He showed performed like comedian, so it’s more entertaint the supporter.

    photo by detikfoto

    Another favorite member followed one by one but Lee Kwangsoo look stolen away the supporter concentrate with his leading to ran around the field to made massive wave. This match ended by 3-2 for Indonesian Team winning.

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