EXO Experience Two Mishaps During “The Lost Planet Concert” in Hong Kong

Two fans have been injured at EXO’s second day of “The Lost Planet Concert” in Hong Kong on June 2.

During the concert Tao tripped on stage and fell down into a square hole on stage. Other members of the group tried to catch him from falling but were too late, however Tao stood back up again moments later saying to fans, “I’m fine. Don’t worry.”


The second incident during the same concert happened when a floating swing that D.O was on malfunctioned and landed onto fans directly below. This resulted in two fans being injured by the falling swing.

SM Entertainment representatives told Korean media TV Daily, “The members are safe and the show ended well without them getting any injuries. However, the stage equipment malfunctioned injuring two fans from the audience. They are now being taken care of at the hospital. The members didn’t know but upon hearing the news, Suho and D.O go to visit the hospital as EXO’s representatives to give message of recovery.”


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