Psy’s Secret Gig at Dstrkt in Soho, London

Psy London Soho

Psy received a warm welcome last night as he played his first London gig at Soho’s Dstrkt exclusive nightclub.

Despite Psy only doing a one-song show, it turned out to be a rather popular showcase. Gangnam Style is the first k-pop song to ever enter the UK charts and reach number 1.

Seconds after taking the stage, Psy asked the crowd, “Am I popular, London?”.

He was in his trademark checked trousers and white rimmed sunglasses. Beside him, two short skirted girls in sequinned dresses.

As the song started he encouraged the crowd to follow his “horse-riding”.

Psy arrived at the club just after midnight and headed to the reserved VIP area sharing a 10 litre bottle of vodka with friends.


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