PSY as a guest on Radio 1!

For the second time, PSY has been a special guest on Radio 1. In this interview, PSY tries a popular British dish ‘toad in the hole’ for the first time.

Listeners were also allowed to send in questions, one of them being “What’s your favourite part of the UK?” where he jokingly replies “not the food, or the weather.”

As part of the interview, one of the Radio DJ’s Scott Mills mentions about PSY’s impersonators. Scott had previously recorded a video of him dressed up as PSY and walked around Oxford Street in London to find out if people could tell the difference between PSY and an impersonator. Surprisingly enough, most of the public realized that he wasn’t PSY, with one person just shouting “Scott Mills?!”

Watch the video here!

PSY’s toad in a hole, which he mentioned was “too dry.”

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