P1Harmony ‘DISHARMONY: STANDOUT’ Showcase to Be Live Streamed on V LIVE

FNC Entertainment’s newest boy group P1Harmony will discuss their music for the first time at their debut album showcase.

P1Harmony’s first mini album “DISHARMONY: STANDOUT” and music video for their title track “SIREN” will be released on Wednesday, October 28 at 6PM (KST). Following the album’s release, P1Harmony will hold their debut album showcase at 8PM (KST). The event will be live streamed on V LIVE here

P1Harmony’s group name is derived from the letter P for “Plus”, 1 for “Unity”, and H” for Harmony. The six member group, consisting of members KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, JONGSEOB, SOUL, and INTAK,, was first introduced to the public through a full-fledged sci-fi film titled P1H: The Beginning Of A New World. Described as a “K-Pop Cinematic Universe,” the film follows the story of six boys as they discover their unique superpowers that will be used to save humanity from a deadly virus outbreak. The film was originally intended to be a short video series but developed into a 100-min long cinematic piece. The film was then quickly picked up by Lotte Cinema and was aired in theaters on October 8. The P1Harmony members had no prior acting experience, but took on this project and garnered attention for the dynamic pre-debut promotion. 

Want to learn more about P1Harmony? Follow the group on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube) and become a part of their Weverse fan community here.

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