MINZY Establishes Her Own Agency, MZ Entertainment

On October 22, soloist and former 2NE1 member MINZY took to social media to officially announce the foundation of her own entertainment company, MZ Entertainment.

MZ Entertainment is co-founded by Gong Min-ji (MINZY) and CEO Gong Sun-Young and strives to become a company that will foster the growth and development of future stars that will be beloved by the MZ (“Millennium Z”) generation. 

MINZY serves as MZ Entertainment’s General Director, participating in the management and training of their artists while also continuing to remain active as a solo artist and general producer. Gong Sun-Young will take on the role of CEO and professional manager. MINZY’s sister Gong Min-Young (aka KONGSHINE), an established CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) singer, is also on the entertainment’s artist roster.

According to MZ Entertainment’s official statement, “MZ Entertainment will be operated on the basis of know-how working as a singer of 11 years, managerial know-how for 30 years, and professional training system of a dance academy.

We will look forward to see what the future has in store for MZ Entertainment.

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