New nicknames for SHINee?

On the MBC Show Champion-episode from March 27, SHINee was asked in a backstage interview, what they would like to be called if they could change their current nicknames.

Key starts out by saying, he wants to be called ‘Boss Kim‘.
Minho continues by saying he wants to change his ‘Flaming charisma’ to ‘Enthusiasm Choi
– followed by Jonghyun, who says, he wants to be called ‘The last Kim‘.
Maknae Taemin stands out from the rest by stating he wants to be called ‘Monkey King‘, because that’s what he liked the most, when he was young.
Onew finishes of the clip by saying he wanted his current nickname to be exchanged with ‘Valiant Lee‘.


As a side-note; SHINee won the 1st place, and you can check out their awesome performance of Sherlock + the finishing stage as well as the backstage interview below;

Winning performance of ‘Sherlock’:

Finishing performance:

Backstage interview:

What do you think of SHINee’s self-given nicknames? Do you like their current nicknames better? Let us know what you think!


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