WIN 2 PAIRS OF TICKETS FOR Dancing Queen (Korean Breakfast Club Double Bill)

To celebrate the upcoming Terracotta far east film festival on 12th – 15th April, we’re giving two lucky Korean movie lovers the chance to win 2 pairs of tickets to see Dancing Queen (Korean Breakfast Club Double Bill), the first movie being Couples.

Between Couples and Dancing Queen, the theatre will be selling kimbap in the intermission and then into Dancing Queen.

Thanks to Terracotta Distribution, you will be invited to the European Premiere of the film.

We will pick a winner at random on Friday. The film will be shown on Sunday night in London.

Enter the competition below:

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THEN follow the next step to either become fan on Facebook or +1 to complete the entry.

If you have any problems email us at jeremy@

COUPLES A fun love story about couples by director Jeong Yong-ki from “Descendants of Hong Gil-dong” and cast by Kim Joo-hyeok, Lee Yoon-ji, Lee Si-yeong, Oh Jeong-se, Kong Hyeong-jin and more.

DANCING QUEEN is a feel-good comedy and Korea’s first big movie hit of the new year that satirises the reality of Korean politics and cheerfully depicts the characters’ struggles as they attempt to realize their dreams.


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