NELL Releases ‘White Night’ Music Video

Woollim Entertainment band, NELL, have released their first single album, ‘Holding onto Gravity’. Composed of 4 tracks, the album is produced and arranged by the group themselves, with composition and lyrics by Jong Wan Kim. The music video for the second track of the album, ‘White Night’, was released not long ago! Watch it below:

The music video is set in an eery house, white being a prominent colour throughout. The female lead lay on the floor before waking up and encountering problems breathing. Whilst she coughs into her hand, we see a simple ring on her ring finger. She then begins a frantic search, moving into another room. As she enters, a man’s frozen body is seen lying on the floor. The search continues until she notices the gas mask in the male’s hand, and in her desperation to grab it, the male’s little finger is broken from his hand.

It is only after the female has finished breathing into the mask that she notices the finger on the floor. As she goes to touch it, a flashback is seen, with her and the man a happy couple. Back in the present, the memory causes tears to form in the girl’s eyes. She continues to explore the room after recovering from her distress and stumbles upon a ring, identical to hers but frozen.

A disturbance from the previous room grabs her attention, and we learn that it is the same girl. As the music video ends, multiple bodies are seen around the room, all the same girl, and the body that has just fallen in the previous room wakes up.

The track itself is smooth with chilling vocals, adding to the music video. Opening with a gentle piano melody and ending anbruptly, the music goes hand in hand with the music video.

What did you think of the music video?




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