Episode 4 of Jay Park TV Released

Earlier this year, soloist Jay Park promised his fans that he would be more interactive with his YouTube channel, uploading more content, including his vlog series, ‘Jay Park TV’. After taking a short break due to the absence of labelmate Hep, who edits the vlogs, episode 4 is now up! Watch it below:


Jay gives a brief update on his life, giving some insight into his family life. We also see footage of the singer in the recording studio.

As well as his usual antics as he tries to fit himself into a locker cupboard, we also see Jay with others practicing several dance moves, and some footage from his concerts in Australia.

Included at the end are short clips from his iPhone, which also features Super Junior’s Kyuhyun singing along to one of Jay’s tracks!

Did you enjoy this episode of Jay Park TV?




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