Music Core Suffers Major Technical Difficulties!


Broadcast accidents are not very rare when it comes to music programs, and MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘ was added to the list of victims to fall prey.
On the 28th of April, a technical difficulty (which lasted for quite some time) caused quite a shift in the performance order of the evening.
The show’s MCs, which are made up of SNSD’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun (or TaeTiSeo), introduced Sunny Hill‘s new song “Is the White Horse Coming” and the camera quickly moved to the beginning of their performance. However, instead of Sunny Hill’s song, Noel‘s “Leaving” was played in the background.
After about a minute of the wrong music, the camera moved to the three surprised MCs, who stated, “There seems to have been a broadcast accident. We apologize.” The accident was solved just before B.A.P’s comeback stage, and then Sunny Hill returned, correctly this time.
When Sunny Hill’s Misung heard about the error, she Tweeted, “You guys were surprised after seeing the broadcast accident, huh? We were surprised too, but thanks to your supportive cheers, we were able to safely end our performance! Don’t worry^^ Noel sunbae must have also been surprised.. Hwaiting!”
Member SeungAh retweeted Misung’s message and commented, “We could have a collaboration stage performance! How refreshing [The White Horse is Leaving].”
Viewers of the mess-up remarked, “The way Taetiseo are surprised is so cute,”, “Sunny Hill, B.A.P, and Noel all suffered“, “Broadcast accidents seem to be frequent on Music“, and more.

Source: Ningin


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