Miss A’s, Suzy, Poses for Lifestyle Magazine, ‘@Star1’

Recently,  Miss A’s,  Suzy, took a brief hiatus from acting and singing and began modeling for the September issue of  ‘@Star1’ Magazine.

For the past few days, Miss A has been sharing Suzy’s  photos through their official Facebook page.

Suzy is featured here with a contemporary flare displaying both chic and sophisticated looks.

This definitely gives off a youthful essence, while exhibiting splashes of bright color. The ponytail paired with this outfit gives off a, truly, playful vibe.
Here is one of the more sophisticated looks; the navy blue showcases the mature side of Suzy, and the bag, accentuates the outfit just enough to pull it all together.
An ensemble accentuating the word chic; this outfit exhibits just that.The hair and the bow add the perfect amount of playfulness.
Suzy is sporting a cozy and fashionable look; she seems as if she could take a trip to town on a chilly day and still keep warm. The timid colors give us the feel of the winter that is approaching.








Source and Image: AQE-miss A’s official Facebook page, Between Wor(L)ds





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