MBLAQ Lee Joon Reveals: “I Am Not Dumb”

MBLAQ member Lee Joon stated that he was concerned about the way he was perceived in the public eye.
On TV, Joon’s image is one of a dumb but entertaining idol. The singer has been concerned by the false image people have of him.

On the March 19 episode of JTBC’s “Park Kyung Rim’s Oh! Happy Day,” the MBLAQ member revealed, “These days, seeing that people only see me as someone stupid is becoming hard to bear. The truth is, I’m not stupid.”

MC Park Kyung Rim then asked, “Did you get misunderstood as a dummy?” To this Joon replied, “Everytime I go on a variety show they introduce me as the “Muscle Dummy” or as the “Stupid Idol.” It feels like I have been the moron even before the start of the show.”


Joon also added, “Becoming the representative of the “Moron” concept is truly painful. When you act you must have a perfect enunciation. But when I’m on a variety show, before my brain, my mouth acts first. My mom is very concerned about it. I love funny things but when my dream is to be an actor and that I can’t be taken seriously, what to do in that case?”

He continued by saying, “I hope for people to separate variety and life, and for them to look out for me when I appear on variety shows and act.”

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  1. Its sad to be sen as dumb. I know what he is going through though it is not in the entertainment business. I go through it in my everyday life. I am very book smart (common sense wise not so) and in conversations certain people in my life tell me to shut up because I don’t know what I am talking about. So wrong! Most things that are talked about I probably know more than they do and for Lee Joon (Jun), I see it the same way! Tell those who are stereotyping you this…”To look down on someone for something being done to entertain people is not wrong but when it is put through the ringer and ruining a life, it is jealousy or low self-esteem!” No one has that right to judge another like that and air it!

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