M4M Releases First Set of Teasers for Alen and Bin

Cube Entertainment M4M
Cube Entertainment and Xing Tian have released the first teasers for M4M. Both agencies worked together to produce the group who will make their debut in Korea and China.

M4M (aka Mystical Formula) is made up of four boys; Jimmy who is from Hong Kong, two boys from China Bin and Alen and Vinson who is originally from Taiwan. The group have spent 1460 days in training after being selected from auditions. The official debut will be in March.

The first member to have his teaser revealed is Alen. He speaks Mandarin, Korean and English as well as being a talented pianist. His Korean name is Bang Alen.

Fresh off the press today is the teaser for second Chinese member Bin. He will be the rapper in M4M.


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