Daesung and Seungri leaves SE7EN a Message

G-Dragon sent his message in a few days ago, and it looks like its time for the Big Bang maknaes to record their messages too!

Seungri and Daesung sent in a video message to label mate and senior SE7EN through YG Entertainment’s official Youtube channel.

Seungri talks about how he admired SE7EN singing and dancing abilities, and also how he is a warm-hearted person. On a side note, he notes that when all the members of Big Bang were drinking together,  SE7EN had a higher alcohol tolerance than all of them! You can catch the full video below:

Seungri’s message:

On the other hand, Daesung talks about how SE7EN has been kind-hearted and supportive to him over the past 8 years of knowing each other, and feels that he has great leadership skills as well. The video is also below:

Daesung’s message:

Lucky 7s, do remember to support SE7EN for  his upcoming Japanese single, Arigato, available on iTunes from 20 March onwards.



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