London Abbey Roads Studios CEO compares SHINee to The Beatles.

A  representative from the world famous Abbey Road Studios has recently compared SHINee to The Beatles. Abbey Roads Studios is known for being the studio where legendary British pop group The Beatles recorded most of their songs.

SHINee visited the studio last year, gaining the attention of over 1,000 fans who waited outside for the boys chanting and singing. SHINee also took a photo on the same crossing, in the same pose as the Abbey Roads Jacket album was taken.

However, in more recent news, when singer Bae Chul Soo recently went to London and met with the CEO of Abbey Roads Studios, the CEO, remembering SHINee’s visit said:

[quote]“It was the first time so many people had gathered outside the studio. I thought the Beatles had come back.”[/quote]

SHINee were infact the first Asian group to hold a showcase at Abbey Road and received an overwhelming welcome.

MBC Music will be broadcasting Bae Chul Soo’s London experience on April 26th.




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