Link for a chance to win the Live Chat with SHINee on me2day!!!


Dear SHINee’s fan/Shawols,
Have you ever daydreamed about chatting to SHINee? Now, you’re in a chance to make your dream come true!
Popular korean social networking site, me2day, has launched a special competition for the fans to chat live with SHINee members!

20 lucky Shawols will be selected to participate in the live chat taking place on April 5th.

10 winners will be selected amongst the entries submitted between March 26th and March 30th, while 10 more will be selected amongst the entries submitted between March 31st and April 3rd.

me2day has also confirmed that they will select winners not only from Korea but also from across the world, so international fans have as good of a chance as Korean fans!

To participate, follow the steps below:

1.) Download the me2day application on your respective smart phones (current users will have to download the newest version to qualify )
Here’s the mobile download link that I found –

2.) Write a new post using your new me2day application.

3) Before posting, hit the ‘Bookmark‘ icon and select ‘Music‘.

4.) Attach SHINee’s new ‘Sherlock‘ album.

5.) Post!

It’s that simple! If you are one of the lucky winners, me2day will notify you with a personal chat message.

And even if you aren’t selected to chat with SHINee, the first 1,000 fans arriving within the chat room will be able to spectate the live chat taking place.

Entries will only be accepted until April 3rd, so Hurry for your chance to win!

Good luck to everyone, and stay tune for more SHINee’s and K-pop updates!

Source: me2day


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  1. dear shinee i wish to meet u guys forever. when i grow up i want to be a k pop singer but my mom wont let me do it. i singed your songs a lot i wish u guys pick me up and we can have fun together all my dream is to meet shinee. i love your team name shinee because you are shining through me. i wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish to meet you guys and singed and dance with you. i love jonghyun, choi minho, onew as leader , key ,and lee taemin. i am from VT city of winooski street name is russell 101 house AP 3

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