Lee Sem and Eunji Depart From Nine Muses

Nine Muses agency Star Empire confirmed today, “Members Lee Sem (Lee Hyun Joo) and Eun Ji (Park Eun Ji), after 4 years on the team have announced that they will be ‘graduating’ from Nine Muses.”

The agency confirmed that both Lee Sem and Eunji will be leaving Nine Muses, “We decided to respect Lee Sem and Eunji’s personal wishes to leave the group and start individual activities. We believe it’s our duty to do so as their agency Even after their withdrawal, they will maintain their management contract and stay at the agency.”

The departing of Lee Sem and Eunji does seem to be on good terms with the rest of the girls as they start their journeys as individual artists.

The remaining members of Nine Muses will be taking a break from their promotional activities for now, while Eunji and Lee Sem will be taking part in variety activities.

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