Lee Hyori is back?

Popular soloist Hyori is set to make a comeback after 3 years. With her last album being strongly accused of plagiarism, it is no wonder that it’s been a while since Lee Hyori has made a comeback. Despite Hyori’s bad luck with plagiarism the soloist continues to have a strong following. Female idols are often compared to Hyori when trying a more sexy concept.

Lee Hyori was once a member of Fin.K.L, she also stated recently that she would like the group to reunite, Fin.K.L and rival bad S.E.S were two of the most popular groups in the late 90’s in South Korea. After their split up Hyori went solo. U-Go-Girl Music Video (2008)

Hyori’s company B2M Entertainment have uploaded several teasers for her comeback:

We’re anticipating a great comeback for Lee Hyori.


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