Kwave Putting Fan Questions to BEAST, 2PM, MBLAQ, 4MINUTE and 6Bomb

Earlier this week Kwave gave B.A.P fans the chance to put their questions to the boys.

Now Kwave are giving fans the chance to put their questions to BEAST, 2PM, MBLAQ, 4MINUTE and 6Bomb.

They will be selecting the best questions to put to each group.

To put your questions forward to the groups, place your questions in the comments below.

Simply write in the comment box:

1. You can only ask one question per group.
2. You ask as many groups as you want.

We will stop taking questions on Sunday 18th March

We’ll be publishing the full answers soon, we will let everyone know in our newsletter.

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  1. BEAST – Who is the mum in the group?
    MBLAQ – Was being a father worst or better than you expected?
    4MINUTE – Which western singers/bands to you admire the most?

  2. BEAST – when you go to England why dont you go to birmingham for the people that cannot reach london?
    MBLAQ – when are you doing the tour to England?
    4MINUTE – hyuna how do you do the pikachu because its so cute?

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