Kpop Academy Student ~ Week 3 ~ Korean Cuisine


Week 3 of The Kpop Academy focused on Korean cuisine, this class took place at Dong San restaurant on Charing Cross road where we were given the task of observing and then cooking 2 Korean dishes; Kimbap and Tteobokk (rice cake). All 30 student were split into groups of 5 in which we were given a group name (a Kpop group) and given 45minutes to create and present their dishes,  we were also given a Korean cuisine booklet and our weekly assignments.


For my weekly assignment we were asked to choose from a list of tasks, A,B,C or D. in which I choose A)Make a Korean dish and explain the process and overall experience [include photos]

I decided to attempt to make one of my favorite dishes, Kimchi Bokeumbap. Kimchi bokeumbap also known as kimchi fried rice is a popular dish in South Korea as it is cheap and easy to make , it is made up mainly of rice and kimchi with a variety of ingredients like meat and vegetable depending on preference.





-Spring onion



-Sesame oil

-Vegetable oil

-Soy sauce

-Black pepper

-Chilli paste (Gochujang)




Cooking preparation

*Prepared ingredients : 15-20mins

*Cooking time: 10-15mins

1) Pre-heat wok over max. heat, add spring onions, onions and garlic for 2minutes, adding 1/2 tbsp of butter and soy  sauce



2) Added the meat (bacon, beef, pork, chicken, spam), fryed till cooked



3) Add rice, occasionally tossing to brown


4) Add kimchi, sesame oil, red pepper paste (optional to add extra spice), salt, black pepper and stir for a few minutes



5) Serve immediately topped with a  fried egg (sunny side up)




My thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment, it was something exciting and new in comparison to writing; instead we were able to do something practical with what we were taught in class. I had no problem finding ingredients as there are a few Korean supermarkets in Central London with a varirty of products to choose from. Kimchi bokeumbap was very straight forward to make, its not a complicated dish that you can make wrong as u can use a variety of different ingredients to make it to your own personal taste.


Result: This is my first time makiing kimchi bokeumbap, i believe it turned quite well, though needs improvement in terms of flavour, i look forward to making this again as well as many other Korean dishes for my friends and family in the future.^^




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